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Gall bladder is really going into overtime to prove that it needs to be taken out. I preferred it when we had the occasional flare up and I could mostly function. I wonder how I will teach like this come tomorrow night and's a shame I have to set the tone for the semester with a broken wing.

In better news, Friday is only 4 days away now. This book o' mine will be happy when Friday gets here too. I will be in a pain pill/anesthetic coma all day Friday and most of the day Saturday, I understand. I hope to be back to life to some extent on Monday and back to writing as usual.

Meanwhile, expect an update if the sun breaks through the clouds (if I have a pain free day.)

Hope you are all writing pages and pages.

Tenderly yours,

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I’m catching up here at Writer Tamago, mostly with being alive. :) Surgery will be either Wednesday or Friday next week, and frankly, the situation is escalating to the extent that I may have to claw the gall bladder out of my abdomen before then. (Don’t say euw. Say hrm. Consider the possibilities.)

Anyway, have I been doing anything writerly in the last two days? Yes. My friend Mark has helped me work on some of the bits and pieces of the site. If you click on the about page, you can actually see a picture of me, and it doesn’t look so rudimentary. One thing I wonder about is this: can I reduce the amount of just blank color after the descriptive paragraph? I’ll have to ask Mark.

Anything else? Our multimedia group for Wiscon has scheduled a time to chat.

Today is my last day away from my job at Kirkwood, gall bladder flaring notwithstanding (imagine a gall bladder, nostrils flared, hoofing the ground, and all you have to fight it with is a red sheet and a couple of Advil. Or not.).
As soon as I am done doing internet things, which is taking a while today, I will buckle down and write.

The plan today:

Combine Sara and Amanda into one entity
Proofread chapter 8.

Ambitious? Sure. Hot to do it while I’m feeling okay. Sure.

I’ll report back tomorrow or Friday accordingly. Take care, everyone.


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Today was a little more website tweaking, and a little organizing for a reading group at Wiscon. We have a big shindig at Chez Stump tomorrow, so had to do some cooking and prepping for that. I have A LOT of work to do on the website, but I will finish the rewrite first. That’s the way it’s gotta be.

It is my plan to write tomorrow morning before I take off for town to go to see the surgeon. So there should be progress to report then.

The best, brightest, and shiniest of New Year’s to you!


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Dec. 19th, 2007 05:39 pm
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I may yet write tonight, but for a day that was supposed to be my first day of vacation, I've had an EKG, a blood test, a CT scan, and an ultrasound. I am certified blood clot free, however. If you want more boring details of this, and other testing, you can come over to [ profile] awelkin. So, I'd like to rest up a bit from my hectic day, and then hop on the writing express. Tomorrow I have a HIBA scan (more guts checking) and around that, I'll probably hang out at coffee shops and write.


Meanwhile, I'm weighing in to log my two newest rejections: Caitlin Blasdell of Liz Dawson and Kate Menick of Howard Morheim. While Caitlin's letter was impersonal, it was polite. Kate's was similar, although personal.

Regrettably, no new progress to report today.

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This writing career has been temporarily hijacked by gall bladder testing. Chances are very good that I will be home because of an ice storm tomorrow, and will make up for all the reflux hijinx and medical things that are going on now, but right now, Stephan is tapping his foot, waiting for me to rewrite chapter 2.

The good news is that most of the holiday socializing went off without a hitch. The bad news is that there were consequences for most of the food I ate.

Well, stay tuned for more writing, revising, that sort of thing. Meanwhile, Catherine will discover how you live without much bread, and learn that all that time formerly spent eating can now be spent writing. :)

Hope your imaginations are fertile, and your ideas are flowing freely.



Nov. 7th, 2007 03:36 pm
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It's board meeting week at the Stump home, and that means that tonight will be my third meeting night in a row. I haven't had a chance to rapturously write about anything this week so far. Le Sigh.

Tomorrow night is different. Declaration of intent: to work on the rewrite of Sister Night, Sister Moon if only for an hour. MUST write. Feel constipated. TMI? Yeah. :)

Oh, and to cook at home. To check the papers I have to for Friday's conferences. To finish arrangements I need to make for this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, it'll probably involve some website revamping type activity. New photos of me too. No, I really don't have white hair, long red hair, cornrows, or look like moody boys, like you might think from the great [ profile] minoukatze art of my characters. I know that we tend to associate people with their avatars.

Instead, I look like this: (three years ago)

or this: (five years ago. Scroll down to Catherine Schaff-Stump. Actually, that's pretty close to how I look now, after my 'do on Monday.)

Anywhoo, thought you might be curious. Once mighty [ profile] manzabar takes some new pictures of me, I'll make some appropriate icons.

Gotta do some professorial editing and reading before the next bo(a)r(e)d meeting.

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After vacation bronchitis for a few days. Nothing to see here right now. Will get back into the writing chair once the drugs wear off.

Yes, I hate the excuse entries. But sometimes they are valid, alas.



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