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Jan. 2nd, 2008 10:46 pm
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Amanda Welkin and Sara Wolf are one…up through page 205.

And that’s all. On to chapter 8! Work and caucuses tomorrow, work Friday, so maybe more Friday night.

Guts on the down swing. Time to bind Stephan to the main villain. It’s that kind of mood.

Started making page for links to reduce amount of blank spaces on pages due to long side bar.


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Right. So I’ve revised chapter seven. I’m all ready to go into chapter eight.

Or I was. Bryon suggested to me today on the way to the surgeons that there are lots of ways Sara and Amanda could be folded into one character, and I agree.

So, goodbye to Sara Wolf. Amanda Welkin will take her role in the story, and still be a corner, magical, all that. That means I’m going to have to go through the Esme’s Trial part of the book and make that happen. It’ll make the book better though, I can see that. I will do it as quickly as possible, breeze through chapter eight, and move into the Errol’s Trial section, which will require much more direction and polishing.

Meanwhile, it’s gall bladder surgery on the 9th or the 11th, and A WEEK off after. I’m supposed to walk and relax. I wonder if there will be writing time? I wonder if I will feel like it? If so, it’ll be a great opportunity to catch up to where I want to be.

Happy writing, all!


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Well, that's chapter 2. The chapters are cashing in around 20ish pages now, which I think will also make them friendlier to a YA audience.

Here's a brand new scene, so those of you familiar with previous versions of the story might like it. This is how we introduce Professor Borgia this time around, give Stephan a little confidence, and clue you all in on what happens sometime in book 2, which has yet to be written (this guy, although no one really needs to know, is book 3).

Cauldron Gazing; Italian Meeting )

I went ahead and looked over the first two scenes of chapter 3, which introduce necessary characters and conflict. I think they mostly stay, and I can't see a whole lot of necessary tightening. That takes me to a very blahblahblah scene. I'll be substituting some active, scary villainy. Let's see what my dark side can come up with.

Priorities are in the right place. NOW to check some papers.

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As predicted, was home yesterday because of ice storm.

If chapter 2 were a room I were remodeling, yesterday could be best described as knocking out a wall and hanging some dry wall. This evening's work will be finishing that room.

Tomorrow morning I'll have lots of lovely medical testing! If all goes as it's supposed to, I'll be back at work in the afternoon, and back writing tomorrow night. Crossing my fingers for that.

So, just writing, surviving the ice storm. Hope you guys are writing, and enjoying your holiday season!

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And that'll be your deep deep reading through the prologue and chapter one.

The Prologue is now sleek and awesome. Chapter One was already good, as it's been revised several thousand times, and was pretty solid after the Whackmaster 3000 went after it.

Not too bad for a night that I went to the emergency room. Yup. A reflux attack disguised as heart trouble. I'm relieved to know that it was (expensive) indigestion. Doc also suggests I talk to my GP about gall bladder stuff. Ooookay...

Anyway, we'll try to get back in the saddle tomorrow. I have a meeting, so I'm not optimistic.

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Getting the real loosy goosy stuff out of the carpet now, and making it sleek.

Here's a snippet from the prologue, which we edited through page 7 tonight (which is a slight miracle this week, I have to tell you!)

Erasmus and Balthazar )

Well! It's certainly better paced, and more lean. Now, to do this with another 408 pages or so. :) Yup, JUST like writing the thesis. ;P



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