Dec. 13th, 2007 07:17 pm
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I might need a realistic schedule for getting projects completed before school begins again in January.

Here's what I need to write over break:

1. Finish revision of Substance of Shadows (roughly 1/4 done).
2. Finish comparative paper on teaching English in Japan and the United States (can you say World Languages?)
3. Any syllabi/class plans that do not get finished at work before Christmas break begins.
4. Fourteen reports on ELA classes for the Curriculum and Development Committee

Here's what I need to send out over break:

1. Sister Night, Sister Moon to Wheatland
2. The revision of Substance to Agent A
3. Query anew Substance to as many agents as possible

Here's what I yet need to work in:

1. Gall bladder surgery, recovering from gall bladder surgery, and/or cardiac testing (most likely the first two. I could get lucky and it's all pill popping with H. Pyllori bacteria. We should get feedback from today's tests early next week. Those machines really do go ping!)
2. Some progress on a sewing project.

Every day things:

1. Tai Chi fan
2. Russian homework.
3. Of course writing

Hrm. Someone's eyes are yet again bigger than her stomach. Where do you get all these ideas? Couldn't you just be myopic for one break? Maaaannnn!!!

I think I need to break this into dedicated time blocks with word goals each day. Yeah, I can do that. Yeah.

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There is a story to tell you, but I don't want to tell you the story until the story has an ending, in order to be discreet and complete.

One of the purposes of keeping this journal is to document what writers go through as they submit stories and ideas to the publishing industry: to agents, to editors, to a variety of sources. I would like it to be a transparent record of my progress through those processes, so others might learn what the reality of trying to publish is, for this person, at any rate.

That said, I feel that if you're being looked at by an agent, perhaps it's wisest to keep those details discreet, until you know how things are going to turn out. Or, for those of you who know that an agent asking for chapters is merely Step One, this is me being the cool kid. Or, for those of you who are superstitious, this is me trying not to jinx things. :)

Which I might have done now, by saying too much. :D

What do we do every night Pinky? Try to take over the world! )

You can count on me to tell you what's what as things fall through, or come to fruition. Wouldn't we all like Catherine to get a book deal, so the next 7-10 years of her life could be spent with demon binders as a young adult author? Yes? No?

I'll be back, much sooner than last time too.



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