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Urgh. I enjoyed the Aqueduct Reading Sunday morning, although I am sure I looked like Victorian zombie (actually, any era zombie.) Before the reading, I had breakfast with Kathryn Sullivan.

At Aqueduct, great readings. Suzy Charnas read from Dorothea Dreams. Eleanor Arnasson read from Tomb of the Fathers. Andrea Hairston read from her upcoming Redwood and Wildfire. Nisi Shawl read a Michael Jackson and voodoo story. Claire Light read from Slightly Behind and to the Left. While I'm not certain what Timmie Duchamp read from, it was horrifying and involved whole sale reproductive organ removal.

That was a pretty feminist and literary morning. I stumbled out, sleepy, but thoughtful, and grabbed lunch at a wonderful Tibetan place while reading some more of Pierre Pevel's translated The Cardinal's Blades. I was desperate for some introvert time, and it worked out nicely--delicious food and a good book. I came back to the con, looking for more books and more trouble.

And I found it! I went to, you guessed it, a reading! This time the theme was YA, and we were back at the Inn at the Park. This was a very different kind of reading from the previous one--intellectual feminist with a dark twist versus an intriguing variety of YA and MG well-crafted work. We started with Sarah Prineas reading from Magic Thief: Found. Jenn Reese read from Above World. Greg Van Eekhout shared some Kid vs Squid. For her first time reading, Rae Carson rocked the house with a terrific historical piece. And, God help me, I can't remember the name of the Australian writer who read the fantastic piece about the girl who discovered her dead brother. Any help you can render would be greatly appreciated...

Nnedi Okorafor read from Who Fears Death that afternoon, and I left thinking even more deep and broody thoughts.

I bought some more books. Dan, Lisa, and I had some dinner. We went to the dessert salon. Some guest of honor speeches. Some Tiptree awards. The best line of the evening: "I did everything James Joyce did, except backwards and in high heels" from Greer Gillman, one of the Tiptree winners. .

There were then some parties. I spent most of my night hanging out with the Canadians, very low key and tired at this point in the con.

One more day, and it's a wrap.


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The previous occupant of our room left the alarm set for 5:30 am. As the alarm went off, I reassured Lisa it wasn't me as I scrambled for the alarm in a sleepy stupor, and after a few comments we went back to sleep until, for me, about 6:30. Off to the exercise room for a conversation with some other college teachers about our glamorous job. Andrea Hairston was one of them, so I reminded her that a friend and I were really looking forward to Redwood and Wildfire, and she let me know that it would be available through Aqueduct next year. That was a good thing.

After a quick shower, I threw what we needed for our reading into a bag, and I headed out to the farmer's market. I had breakfast, and then bought cookies and honey sticks for our reading over at the Inn at the Park.

Keyan story snippet featured a valley girl selkie, Carolyn read a piece from her new book Magic Below Stairs, and I read a snippet from Hulk Hercules. Kater Cheek, however, had the best piece of the day. She read this wonderful piece of a young adult novella that was spot on perfect voice with parents and kids, and even mind-controlling hamsters. If there is a god of publishing, we'll be seeing that one out there soon.

The reading went well. Carolyn and I went off to lunch with Dakiwiboid (whose actual name I'm not using, because I'm noticing she doesn't use it on her site, so we try to be sensitive to things like that) and her friend. After that, full of vegetables, I headed back to the hotel.

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