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I’m catching up here at Writer Tamago, mostly with being alive. :) Surgery will be either Wednesday or Friday next week, and frankly, the situation is escalating to the extent that I may have to claw the gall bladder out of my abdomen before then. (Don’t say euw. Say hrm. Consider the possibilities.)

Anyway, have I been doing anything writerly in the last two days? Yes. My friend Mark has helped me work on some of the bits and pieces of the site. If you click on the about page, you can actually see a picture of me, and it doesn’t look so rudimentary. One thing I wonder about is this: can I reduce the amount of just blank color after the descriptive paragraph? I’ll have to ask Mark.

Anything else? Our multimedia group for Wiscon has scheduled a time to chat.

Today is my last day away from my job at Kirkwood, gall bladder flaring notwithstanding (imagine a gall bladder, nostrils flared, hoofing the ground, and all you have to fight it with is a red sheet and a couple of Advil. Or not.).
As soon as I am done doing internet things, which is taking a while today, I will buckle down and write.

The plan today:

Combine Sara and Amanda into one entity
Proofread chapter 8.

Ambitious? Sure. Hot to do it while I’m feeling okay. Sure.

I’ll report back tomorrow or Friday accordingly. Take care, everyone.


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This is me, checking out my new ability to post from Writer Tamago to my live journal. You can comment at Writer Tamago, or here. With the able bodied help of my friend Mark, we’re working on making Writer Tamago more writerly.

Tamago is a Japanese word. It means egg. A piece of useful Japanese slang: if you are a “fill in the blank” egg, it means you are a new or beginning “fill in the blank.” I figured there would be very few Writer Tamago sites out there in name, although plenty in deed.

Today, the first thing to show off are my new writer pictures, which will be peppered here and there about the site. Here’s how you get to that gallery:

Let me know which ones you like! Thanks to afore mentioned able bodied friend Mark for taking these pictures.

And, by the way, I registered today, so as soon as we get all the nice new stuff ready to go, we’ll get it switched over to there.

La, la, la really am rewriting Substance of Shadows first.


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Well, the gall bladder won the skirmish yesterday, and after a painful day returning from the hotel and waiting for the cardiologist (no heart trouble as predicted--we are blessed), there was only heating pad and sleeping. I did get my surgery consultation moved up two weeks, so I did win a minor battle. As soon as we get this bad organ out, the more predictable my health will be.

Meanwhile, something new from chapter seven. It's here to redefine Andrew's character, build tension, and move things along in a more definite direction. It's an argument scene, but it is new to some of my readers from the past.

Stephan argues with Sam while Andrew tries to apologize )

We're being graced with another heavy snow storm here in Iowa. AT LEAST this one isn't happening Saturday, the day of two postponed family Christmas gatherings. We'll see what this does to website plans for the day, as I intended to go into the city...

Stay warm, all of you!

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You want progress? Okay. :D

Chapter 5 is done. New scenes added, the whole thing revised, and proofed. Chapter 6 is about half done, new scenes added, the whole thing revised, and proofed. This whole process took 79 minutes. I know this, because I played the new Battlestar Galactica Season 3 CD that Santa brought me in my stocking this weekend.

If I can get up more gumption tonight, I'll hit the latter half of Chapter 6. There are four scenes left--one in need of heavy revision (by virtue of eliminating one character and substituting another. Can I use character folding as a technical term? Is there a technical term?). Two are in great shape and need tightening. One has to be produced from the ground up anew.

Then we're into Chapter 7. Chapter 7 has Esme's trial in it. Critical decisions. Do I keep the whole Michael Hamwich prediction thing? I need a layer of bad kids acting badly at the trial, so I need to weave that in. What sorts of bits are in there that I like that don't move the plot forward? It's a pivotal chapter, so I have a lot to do with it.

Chapter 8, the transitional section to Errol's trial isn't too bad, although I have to introduce the main bad cheese in it for the first time in this version. So I'll have to shine that up.

That's as far as I want to look right now.

I'm pleased with today's progress. It's a lot like being a full time writer today.

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, has some cooking in it, and maybe a church service, so both writing and meal preplanning have to be done. Do I take the day off on Christmas? Probably not. Why? I'll be vacationing on the 26th and getting tortured by doctors again on the 27th. (Really, it's a consultation with a cardiologist, and I have no idea what, if any, exciting tests they'll want now that I have a demonstrative hepatobiliary scan on hand.)

[ profile] manzabar, it's looking like the 28th for website stuff, barring zany, horrible testing. Pretty excited about getting that done!

I hope you're all warmer where you're at than we are here in Iowa.

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Tonight...after I get my hair and make up done. No, really.

Tomorrow I should get back to some writing after a day of work. Holiday socializing ate the rest of the weekend.

Medical tests=my gall bladder is fine. We will see what madcap things doctor wants to do next on Wednesday. I smell cardiac testing on the horizon.



Nov. 7th, 2007 03:36 pm
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It's board meeting week at the Stump home, and that means that tonight will be my third meeting night in a row. I haven't had a chance to rapturously write about anything this week so far. Le Sigh.

Tomorrow night is different. Declaration of intent: to work on the rewrite of Sister Night, Sister Moon if only for an hour. MUST write. Feel constipated. TMI? Yeah. :)

Oh, and to cook at home. To check the papers I have to for Friday's conferences. To finish arrangements I need to make for this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, it'll probably involve some website revamping type activity. New photos of me too. No, I really don't have white hair, long red hair, cornrows, or look like moody boys, like you might think from the great [ profile] minoukatze art of my characters. I know that we tend to associate people with their avatars.

Instead, I look like this: (three years ago)

or this: (five years ago. Scroll down to Catherine Schaff-Stump. Actually, that's pretty close to how I look now, after my 'do on Monday.)

Anywhoo, thought you might be curious. Once mighty [ profile] manzabar takes some new pictures of me, I'll make some appropriate icons.

Gotta do some professorial editing and reading before the next bo(a)r(e)d meeting.

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The first baby step in improving my website has been to add interesting links on my blog. Later, not too much later, [ profile] manzabar, who graciously helps me with my web page, and I will be revamping and updating. If you want to see, so you can make sure I've linke you...

Now, I *think* all of you who have authorial websites have been added in my writer's list. If I've missed you, let me know. :)

Also, I need cool writing links. I have a few to ferret from [ profile] scieppan out of my email. If any of you know of cool places that I should put down, please let me know. I put Delirium and Cat Scratch, of course, because these are nice places that have invited me to play. Writer's Digest and Publisher's Weekly are chestnuts.

And Newbie's Guide to Publishing I found through [ profile] naomijclark. But I'm always looking for good links and tips to move others toward, as well as myself. It's the teacher in me.

Oh...if you have a cute two or three word description for your site, or your writing style, let me know, and I will add it to your link.

Rocking on while the students finish a video,



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